Hi, I'm Dr Lucy Davey.

I'm a medically qualified doctor, a farmer’s wife and mother of two children. After taking a sabbatical from medicine to focus on raising my family, I found that my natural drive and passion to succeed professionally had not waned.

I loved being a wife and mother, but also felt that there was a part of me missing. I decided to explore ways to feel fulfilled in all areas of my life whilst also maintaining a great work-life balance.

I subsequently decided to explore a number of avenues including investing in luxury cars, watches, jewellery, horses and even cryptocurrency!  

I realised that many opportunities were available to women to regain their identity, build a successful career and gain financial independence, all without having to sacrifice family life.

Recognising that this was a challenge faced by many women in a similar position to me, and noting my medical specialism in Psychiatry, I decided to apply my skills through becoming a coach.

I created ‘OptiMUM’ a coaching programme for professional women.

I have also become a frequent media commentator, and regularly appear in the national press.



Championing Modern Women

I am dedicating to helping women to understand and embrace all of the elements that make up their identity and do so confidently, free from the shackles of Mother’s Guilt, Imposter Syndrome or feeling like they are always walking in the shadow of their partner.

Thinking of Ideas
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Creating Opportunities

Creating a mindset that is open to new experiences and challenges

Challenging Assumptions

Challenge both internal perceptions of what women ‘should’ dedicate their time to, but also call out the brands that still choose to exclude them from the conversation

Promoting Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Creating fair access, opportunity, and advancement for everyone. It's about creating a fair playing field

Empowering Choices

Empowering women to keep learning, to not be afraid to push the boundaries of what they think they are capable of